Friday, June 12, 2020

German officials fear US sanctions against german agencies

As the US Congress, in a rare bipartisan cooperation, votes new sanctions against any company supporting the completion of controversion pipeline Nord Stream 2, german officials fear that those sanctions could also hit german agencies and authorities who perform inspections or certifications, writes german newspaper "FAZ":

"The document points to a bipartisan bill that democratic and republican senators introduced in Washington in early June in the American legislative process. According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, "all companies" that "offer services, insurance or certain retrofit services for laying ships" in connection with the planned Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline should "be included" in the planned sanctions. It also says: "The same applies to services such as tests, inspections or certifications that are required for the operation of Nord Stream 2."
The Department of Commerce is now afraid that the proposed American law could also "result in administrative action by state authorities in connection with the completion or operation of the pipeline being relevant to sanctions". The paper says: "It would be a novelty if sanctions were also directed against the authorities of (friendly) governments or even against the governments themselves." In any case, "it can be assumed that the new sanctions proposals will significantly increase the number of German and European companies a potential sanction target ”. American punitive measures against other countries have repeatedly been directed against representatives of companies and authorities. Accounts were blocked or entry bans issued."

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