Monday, December 14, 2020

EU: meeting between EU and Ukraine representatives on energy topics

 The EU press service reports:

Today, Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson and Acting Energy Minister of Ukraine, Olha Buslavets, held a ministerial meeting, in the form of a video-conference, under the Memorandum of Understanding on a Strategic Energy Partnership between the EU and Ukraine.

Both sides endorsed the annual work plan for 2021 setting out actions for cooperation in all key areas, including a strong emphasis on the European Green Deal, cooperation on energy efficiency and renewable energy, nuclear safety, as well as a call to continue market reforms.

Recalling Ukraine’s ambition to approximate its policies and legislation with the European Green Deal, Commissioner Simson and Acting Minister Buslavets agreed on the common interest to engage on climate change and the clean energy transition, including pursuing ambitious environmental and climate objectives. The European Commission expressed  strong support for the decarbonisation of the Ukrainian energy sector, in particular through increased electrification, promotion of transparent and market-based use of renewable energy and decarbonised gases, including clean hydrogen, and energy efficiency measures. Cooperation on methane emissions was also addressed as a common area for action.

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