Thursday, January 7, 2021

Nord Stream 2: german fake foundation receives 20 M from russian corporation

 Source BILD

It is a so far unique process that took place today in the state parliament of Schwerin.

With the votes of the CDU, SPD and Left and with the silent approval (abstention, but support) of the AfD, Manuela Schwesig's government has set up a “Foundation for Climate and Environmental Protection MV”. The only real reason, as BILD reported yesterday: to provide companies involved in the construction of the Putin Nord Stream 2 pipeline with a state protective shield against the threat of US sanctions.

Or as Schwesig's government put it in the state government's application at BILD: The aim is "to establish an economic business in the foundation with the aim of making a contribution to the progress of the work on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline".

Today the state government of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania announced how the foundation's assets will be composed at the start of the alleged environmental foundation. “On the part of the state, 200,000 euros are to flow into the foundation capital,” announced the government.

Then the Russian hammer! The state government stated: "Nord Stream 2 AG has agreed to contribute 20 million euros to the foundation's assets."

In plain language: A German foundation under public law, whose assets are to be used to a large extent to enable companies to build Nord Stream 2 without sanctioning, is financed one percent from the German side and 99 percent from the Russian side. Left pocket. Right pocket by a Swiss company (Nord Stream 2 AG) that has not yet made a euro profit and is dependent on financial injections from the 100 percent state-owned Russian mother company Gazprom.

In addition, the state government announced that Nord Stream 2 AG was ready to “continue to support the work of the foundation every year after the pipeline has started operating”. So if Germany manages to get Nord Stream 2 to run past the US sanctions and thus generate lucrative income for the Russians from the gas business, they will continue to pay for German climate protection ...

But there are doubts as to whether such a foundation is compatible with European competition law. After all, it is intended to support companies financed by the state in order to be able to continue their construction work on the Baltic Sea pipeline from Russia to Germany. An insider on BILD: "We will clarify that and, if necessary, complain."

Criticism of Schwesig's "Foundation for Climate and Environmental Protection MV" comes from numerous environmental associations, including the ABZ, WWF and Deutsche Umwelthilfe.

Jochen Lamp, head of the WWF Baltic Sea Office, says: “The establishment of such a foundation is a slap in the face of the environmental associations that campaign for environmental and climate protection and speak out against the pipeline for natural gas, a fossil fuel. We can only understand this foundation as a fraudulent label. "

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