Sunday, October 24, 2021

Nord Stream 2: former chancellor Gerhard Schröder takes over Gazprom's narrative

 Former german chancellor Gerhard Schröder turned mouth-piece for Gazprom justifies the corporations policies. German newspaper BILD debunks the inacurracies:

Kremlin manager and ex-chancellor Gerhard Schröder (77) is again protecting the gas policy of his friend Vladimir Putin (69). And is, once again, clearly next to the (whole) truth:

► Schröder writes in the “Handelsblatt” that Russian gas exports to Germany increased by 40 percent in 2021.

Fact: Gazprom itself has only reported a 33.2 percent increase since January. And that in comparison to the Corona minus year 2020, in which all exports collapsed

► Schröder suggests that Asia's “increased demand” makes gas more expensive.

Fact: Russia uses other gas fields for China and could easily deliver more to Europe. The total gas exports from Russia to China this year corresponds roughly to the volume of exports to Hungary or Slovakia and is therefore hardly relevant for the price.

► Schröder claims that every new pipeline (Nord Stream 2) will dampen price increases.

It is true that the Kremlin hardly uses the existing gas pipes. Because of political reasons! In October 2021, only 43 percent of the possible capacity will come via Belarus and Poland, and only 29 percent via Ukraine.

"Gerhard Schröder, Putin's gas lobbyist, is doing what he is paid for again: In view of the gas price crisis, he is grumbling at the USA and releasing his boss in the Kremlin from any responsibility," Reinhard Bütikofer (68, Greens) told BILD. "In contrast, the head of the International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol, recently stressed that Russia could do more to combat this crisis."

Bütikofer continues: “It was to be expected that Gerhard Schröder would use the gas crisis to advertise Nord Stream 2. But he cannot really deny the Russian blackmail attempt. Because the gas that it promises via Nord Stream 2 could long ago come to us via existing pipelines - through Ukraine. But what do Schröder care about the facts? After all, he's paid as a lobbyist. "

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