Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Germany: Shell is first key account for LNG-terminal in Brunsbüttel

 The LNG-terminal in Brunsbüttel on Germany's north coast is in the planning stage since several years. The russian invasion into Ukraine could accelerate the completion. The operating company can introduce a major customer, the multinational oil and gas company Shell, writes SPON:

The operating company of the German Railway Terminals in Brunsbüttel has a large shopping center in the country. A statement stating that "the shell of a substantial part of the capacity of the terminals in the Brunswüttel for imports from LNG is free of charge", according to the German LNG Terminal GmbH mit. "Beide the pages of the work of the Daran, Umfang and Dauer of the partnership can be highly contracted to be united."

The Terminal is located in 2026 in operation and has a capacity of billions of cubic meters of gas. Long-lived for the import of green water-based derivatives, ammonia is also available.

The plans for an import terminal for liquid earthquake (LNG) in the harbor of the Schleswig-Holstein Kleinstadt and the suburbs run from the year, the stone is not right. For the time being, the Bundesregierung, the view of the Kriegs in Ukraine, has been able to meet the needs of the German-speaking countries of the Russian Erdgas.

This land is owned by the Füderbank KfW at the Betreibergesellschaft with 50 percent. Other company managers are Dutch gas companies Gasunie (40 percent) and the German company RWE (10 percent). These "young developments" are part of the background to the relationship with Shell. Shell-Deutschlandchef Fabian Ziegler spoke about a "very important letter, a short course in Germany and a good place in Europe."

Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz has the opportunity to build two of the Flüssiggas-Terminals in Germany - in Wilhelmshaven and Brunsbüttel. Deutschland bezog zuletzt rund 55 Prozent seines Erdgases aus Russland.

On imports of Russian gas and oil, which are free of charge, are protected by European industry companies, according to the Bundesverbands of the German industry (BDI). "The EU is not on a short-lived, highly energy-efficient basis," said BDI President Siegfried Russwurm of SPIEGEL. "We have a great deal of economic and professionalism in politics and politics." At the release of energy deliveries, wire production stops with unsolicited follies for deliveries and employment.

The EU is in the throes of a boycott of Russian gas deliveries and a "trial", according to Russwurm. Denn das europäische Gasnetz sei bislang noch nicht auf Gasflüsse von West nach Ost ausgelegt. "It's the same, at the foot of a Russian gas station in Flüssiggas, that in the Netherlands or Belgium, the way to the Czech Republic or the Slovaks found," said Russwurm. Gasembargo is a source of production interruptions, employment expenses and a large amount of damage in production facilities. Davor has received a number of other business associations.

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