Thursday, November 21, 2019

Nord Stream 2: german government lobbied against US-sanctions

A not specified western european intelligence service claims that Gazprom-subsidiary Nord Stream 2 AG gained access to highest reaches of german government and was able to feed them the Kremlin narrative that US sanctions against pipe laying contractors have the finality to destroy the european energy security architecture and eliminate Europa as the main economic competitor.

German newspaper Bild has obtained a document by the intelligence service according to which german chancellor Angela Merkel has personally sent envoys to the US in order to lobby against sanctions in US Congress.

German ambassador in the US, Emily Haber, has sent a letter to influential republican senators in which she expresses her concerns that US Congress may resolve sanctions against Russia.

In a conversation with Eliot Engel, member of the Democrats in the trade and energy committee, Haber explained that sanctions against Russia would jeopardize the transatlantic relationship.

Sanctions against contractors and other companies could delay the termination of Nord Stream 2 for up to five years.
Without obstacles Nord Stream 2 will be operational in fall 2020.

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