Friday, November 8, 2019

Vote of controversial Nord-Stream-2-bill failed

The vote on a bill that would allow exceptions for controversial gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 from conisting EU law failed due to the fact that german parliament, the Bundestag, couldn't gather the necessary quorum to do so.

Interestingly enough the initiative to abort the vote emanated from the party AfD close to the Kremlin.

The attempt of the AfD-lawmakers is not only to thwart the bill but the EU-gas-directive itself with the aim to pave the way to a rapid completion of the pipeline.
The curious reasoning of the AfD is that the EU gas directive is infringing EU law. From the point of view of the AfD the EU is only competent for the European Single Market, not for pipelines from third-party states that dock on the national territory of a EU-member-state.

The vote is rescheduled to a date in approximately two weeks.

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