Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Germany: outgoing US-Ambassador Grenell announces new sanctions against Nord Stream 2

US-ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell who unexpectedly terminated his appointment last week announces new sanctions against the Nord Stream 2- pipeline and warns Germany to reconsider its relationship to Russia, writes Handeslblatt:

"In the usual undiplomatic tone, Grenell calls on the federal government to fundamentally rethink its policy on Russia. "Germany has to stop feeding the beast while not paying enough for NATO," he told the Handelsblatt. Grenell had already left Berlin on Sunday. He will probably never come back to Germany.
The Americans have long been bothered by German imports of Russian gas. Above all, they fought the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline with a determination that had long been underestimated in the federal government. At the end of last year, the USA managed to force a construction freeze. Your means: threats of sanctions against western specialist companies who lay the pipes on the bottom of the Baltic Sea with their ships. Since then, the Russians have been trying to complete the rest of the pipeline themselves. To do this, they moved two ships to German coastal waters."

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:

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